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The Directorate of Quality Assurance was set up in May 2007. It is mandated to provide leadership in
prescribing, controlling and implementing quality standards at Makerere University. The University Quality
Assurance Policy and Framework of 2007 guide the activities of the Directorate which are:
1. Ensuring the development and maintenance of high quality academic
2. Enhancement of Quality Experiential and Flexible learning;
3. Development of mechanisms to motivate high quality and competitive research;
4. Ensuring an effective external examination system;
5. Ensuring an efficient staff recruitment, development and appraisal system;
6. An effective student admission, assessment and progression process;
7. Ensuring a high quality support environment for staff and students for effective
teaching, learning, research and knowledge transfer partnerships.
8. Contributing to the formulation of the university quality assurance enhancement
policies and practices; to their implementation and monitoring across the
University and where appropriate with collaborative partner institutions.



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Room 203, Senate Building

Makerere University

P.O Box 7062, Kampala - Uganda

Tel: +256 414 533009

Fax: +256 414 533640

Email: vas@qad.mak.ac.ug

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